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    Skate Board - Baba Boota
    Skate Board

    Skateboards are becoming more and more popular in Pakistan as a sport. We all know the sport of Skateboarding where people ride on trucks for fun, but have you ever seen someone skate on water? No, right? Yeah! That's because it's impossible to ride on water, but you can try the same thing riding on trucks.

    Pakistani kids who think that it is very fun just like our other sports. If you want to buy a skateboard for your kid or for yourself, Bababoota is an online store where you can order your skateboard in Pakistan.

    Bababoota is one of the leading online stores in Pakistan that are selling Skateboards in Pakistan. The store was founded with an aim to provide us with all kinds of sports equipment at our doorstep so that we can play any kind of sport without leaving our home. Bababoota is home to best skateboards in Pakistan.

    Skateboarding is a very popular sport where people ride on trucks consisting of metal. The user just needs to sit on the trucks that have wheels at the bottom and push themselves forward.

    If you are a girl, you too can try hands in skateboards and have happy experiences. Bababoota offers signature products that can be a starting point for great success and fun.

    Skateboarding is a very easy sport, but if you want to do the best tricks, it is a little difficult for beginners.

    Automatic Skateboard Price in Pakistan:

    If you search Automatic Skateboard in Pakistan, you will see a lot of results of different skateboards. You can buy any kind of skateboard from Bababoota online store but for this, you have to spend a lot of money on them and it is not cost-effective. If you check the skateboard with handle price in Pakistan, you will be astonished at the affordable prices at Bababoota. Our store offers many benefits to the users including complete skateboards, skateboard decks, grip tape, additional products, and replacement in case of any mishaps. You can check the skateboards if they work correctly and then enjoy its use.

    Here at Bababoota, we have automatic skateboards for children and adults so you can buy a Skateboard in Pakistan from the store of your choice that is cheap and affordable.

    In Automatic Skateboards, there are no footrests or hand grips but instead, an automatic motor is installed that allows it to move according to the gravity of the user. As soon as a user leaves the board, it automatically comes to a halt.

    You can check the website to see the stock available according to the customer needs. The additional information like that of free shipping can be comfirmed from the customer service using the contact numbers in the info given. You can also confirm your required product via email.

    Electric Skateboard Price in Pakistan:

    Electric Skateboards are slightly more expensive than Automatic Skateboards because they have an electric motor that needs to be maintained. Electric Skateboard in Pakistan has a rechargeable battery that needs to be charged regularly. Electric skateboards are faster than automatic boards but they cannot stop immediately when the user leaves them.

    Its mechanism is based on electric controls that can be disabled when not in use.

    Electric skateboard is very easy to use and it has no footrests or handlebars. It works on the same design as automatic boards but they are much faster than them. You can buy electric skateboards online in Pakistan from Bababoota at a reasonable price. The price of electric skateboard in Pakistan on other stores is high compared to Bababoota.

    You can order complete skateboards of electric and automatic type from our store for your family or team. The images of skateboard decks and other products are based on real stock items in the shop. Our sale of items is mainly customer oriented. Visit our website and fill your cart with great skateboards!

    One Wheel Skateboard Price in Pakistan:

    The one-wheel skateboard has only one wheel at the bottom and users ride on it without any trucks. It is best for new riders who cannot balance themselves easily while riding on two wheels. One Wheel Skateboards are easily available in Pakistan online, so you can order yours anytime.

    If you're an adult you can also check skateboard for adults price in Pakistan or its availability. You can put your orders if you find some of your choice. You will be amazed to know that Bababoota has most affordable skateboard price in Pakistan, shop as per your convenience!

    Two Wheel Skateboard Price in Pakistan:

    Two-wheel skateboards are very similar to traditional skateboards and they have two wheels at the bottom. The only difference is that instead of footrests, handgrips are designed for riders to hold on while riding them.

    Where to Buy Skateboard in Pakistan:

    Skateboards are not very common equipment that can be found at every shop because it is mostly seen as sports equipment. So, you have to visit Bababoota online store if you want to buy a Skateboard in Pakistan.

    Skateboarding is not as easy as it seems to ride on trucks. You need a lot of balance and skills to do perfect tricks, which is why we recommend you not to try the advanced tricks in the beginning because you may end up injuring yourself.

    Tips for Skateboarding for Beginners:

    If you are a beginner and want to buy a skateboard for yourself, it is better to take advice from an experienced person before buying one. They know how to ride on trucks easily without injuring themselves that's why they can help you with tricks of riding a Skateboard in Pakistan.

    • You need to put your front foot on the skateboard first and keep your back foot at a distance from its trucks. If you put both feet together, it will be difficult for you to balance yourself.
    • While putting your front foot, make sure that your ankle is slightly curved because that way you can easily balance yourself on the board.
    • In order to stop quickly, you have to press your front foot down on the board and lean back slightly.
    • You can also do skating tricks if you are good at balancing yourself. Make sure you practice them in an open area because it prevents injuries.

    Durable and Stable:

    Skateboards are mostly made of maple wood which is the best material because it is durable and stable on any surface.

    Motorized or Non-Motorised:

    Skateboards can either be motorized or non-motorized, so make sure you read the description of its features before buying one for yourself.

    Double Kick Concave Design:

    Double Kick Concave Design is an exciting feature that allows users to do skating tricks easily without hurting themselves. Skateboards with double kick concave designs are the best for beginners because they provide a high level of stability and balance to riders. It also provides them with good control over the board.

    Heavy-duty and Last for a Long Time:

    Make sure you buy a Skateboard that is of high quality and it can last for a long time. You will need to ride on it every day, so make sure you choose one that is heavy-duty because it can withstand wear and tear of heavy usage.

    Smooth and Fast Ride:

    Skateboards with high speed bearings and high-quality trucks and wheels are the best for beginners because they provide a smooth and fast ride to users. You will be able to learn how to balance easily on such boards that quickly pick up speed.

    Easy to Control and Safe:

    Skateboards that are easy to control and safe for beginners are the best because if you can't keep your balance on the board, you may fall down. It is important to choose one with good quality trucks so that they can easily pick up speed and provide a smooth ride.

    Easy to carry around:

    As a beginner, you don't have to buy an expensive Skateboard because you may not be good at it. If you are not confident about your skills, make sure you choose one that is easy to carry around so that you can quickly stop if something goes wrong.

    What is the Best Skateboard for Beginners?

    If you are a beginner, it is important to buy the best Skateboard that is cheap and affordable. You can start by learning basic tricks by watching youtube videos because they will also help you in understanding how does a skateboard work.

    Once you feel confident about yourself, you can start practicing at home first before going out to ride on Skateboard trucks with your friends.

    How much do Skateboards Cost in Pakistan?

    Skateboards prices vary according to the brand and design of a Skateboard. You can buy one from Bababoota choose to buy electric skateboard. The price of skateboard in Pakistan also varies from store to store.