Baba Boota Vaporizers ICED BERRY BOMB ƒ?? VGOD E-LIQUID 60ML ƒ?? 3MG


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  • Vgod Iced Berry Bomb 60ml Freebase E-juice in Pakistan
  • No matter how impressive is your vaping practice and what kind of flavors it involves, as there are always new ones you have never vaped before and you must.
  • Iced Berry Bomb 60ml by VGOD USA is honestly going to go off in your mouth when you take the first pull and admire what is occurring inside of you.
  • As you inhale Vgod Iced Berry Bomb, you are going to taste the rich strawberries carefully making their way into your mouth.
  • They feel invited, but they may be a little shy to make their way in.
  • This is why you can slowly taste them getting more and more potent the longer you keep taking your pull.
  • A mentholated berry bomb 60ml bursting with sweet strawberry flavor and menthol cooling.
  • As you take a long inhale, you notice a sweet to sour-tart strawberry wave across your throat.
  • Your lungs are filling up with this sour belt blast, and your mind is experiencing long-awaited satisfaction.
  • As soon as the flavoring is pumped out in a slow-motion on the exhale, you sense that minty bite giving you a feeling of coolness in your mount.
  • Iced Berry Bomb 60ml Freebase ƒ?? VGOD E-Liquid Features:
  • VG/PG 70/30
  • Nicotine strength available in Pakistan: 3mg
  • package: 60ml bottle
  • Use only with sub-ohm vape devices only. not for low-wattage refillable pod kits.