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Ajwa Khajoor

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2 products
Ajwa Dates - Baba Boota
Ajwa Dates - Baba Boota
Ajwa Dates
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AJWA Khajoor 1kg - Baba Boota
AJWA Khajoor 1kg - Baba Boota
AJWA Khajoor 1kg

The most delicious and the most demanded type of dates are known as Ajwa Khajoor. Madinah is famous for many specialities, and one of them includes Ajwa khajoor. However, the word “Ajwa” means a palm tree planted by the holy prophet PBUH. However, the term “Khajoor” means date. It is different from the other types of dates based on many general factors. The reputation and love for Ajwa Khajoor are consistently highly rated. Mostly in Ramadan Muslims buy Ajwa Khajoor, knowing its significance and ignoring the high rates. There are almost 14 major types of dates, and ajwa dates are the best among all. Also, it is an expensive type of date as per its high quality and delicious taste. Keep an eagle eye on ajwa khajoor price so you may never miss the chance to avail the discount offers. 

Beneficial For Health 

  • It is known as the powerhouse of minerals, a very healthy product.
  • The most effective product for cardiac patients. 
  • A completely natural and non-preservative product. 
  • Keep teeth and bones healthy.
  • Good for diabetes.
  • It Prevents anaemia.
  •  For the treatment of dementia and fatigue.
  • Rich in calcium and phosphorus. 
  • Also, it helps to maintain blood pressure. 
  • It kills 80% of digestive problems.

It is the best fruit to eat, and Ajwa Dates are the healthiest among all other dates. They are smooth and sweet. It has a dark brown to dark black colour surface. The shape of Ajwa khajoor is oval, and there is ample seed centred in it. It is effortless to eat and easy to separate the seed from it. 

Delicious Recipes 

A fascinating thing to know is that; you can make many healthy and tasty delights from dates. It will help if you use the best quality ajwa dates because it will give the best taste. Place ajwa khajoor online order and start cooking your healthy food ajwa dates price is high seasonally. For your breakfast, you can make a healthy and tasty Date Milkshake. It requires a few ingredients; 7 dates, Milk, Honey, one banana, Peanut butter, and ground almonds for topping. 

However, if you are at office, educational institute or anywhere else , you need a healthy lunch to eat in the shortest time. You can have Quinoa Salad with dates. This salad requires very common ingredients such as Onion, Olive oil, Salt, Red Quinoa, Roasted salts with almonds, Garlic, and dates. 

There are many recipes regarding dates, and all of them are the healthiest and super delicious if you have an experienced chef and buy high-quality dates (ajwa khajoor). 

Dates at Your Door Step

Undoubtedly the best quality ajwa dates are cultivated in Madinah. Of course, everyone can’t go to Madinah to taste the delicious type of date Ajwa Khajoor. No need to worry the time has changed over the rule of technology. You can avail ajwa dates in Pakistan as well. Your shop is always in your pocket. You can buy the best quality product from any trustworthy website. Baba Boota is a website that acquires high-quality assurance of products, no matter what. This website offers reasonable rates and high quality for the betterment of the relations of a client and the company itself. You can place ajwa khajoor online order from this website.

The ajwa dates price in Pakistan refers time to time. As the price of different fruits changes according to the seasons of the specific fruit. Ajwa khajoor price in Pakistan varies per kg. This means that it depends on how much quantity is required—the rate balances around one thousand and two thousand for 1kg. However, the rates are mostly high if the season arrives. Ajwa khajoor price is high because they are the chewy sweet fruit of a palm tree. Furthermore, it is good to have almost 100g dates for the essential nutrients a day and the best time to eat date is morning and evening. 

Let’s Order! 

A good quality food requires a good quality ingredient and Baba Boota assures you that they serve the best quality products. You can check the customer feedbacks to maintain a trust relation. Dates are the essential nutrient, you must have in your house. If you haven’t tasted the ajwa date, you must try it beforehand. You can search your order at the top of the website and select the type of product you want to order. After confirming of the product, the website will ask for some personal details, including address, name and cell number. This information is compulsory for the website to ask for the placement of the order. However, the information remains between the customer and the website only. So there is no need to worry. Now you can place your order and enjoy the best recipes of dates as mentioned above. Have a happy shopping!