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    55 products
    Baba Boota Remy Marquis Deodorant Spray Shalis Lady 175Ml
    Remy Marquis Deodorant Spray Shalis Lady 175Ml
    Baba Boota Perfume & Cologne LACONIC BODY SPRAY
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    Baba Boota Perfume & Cologne ROVENA BODAY SPRAY
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    Baba Boota Perfume & Cologne ROVENA VERSTYLE CRESTAL
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    Baba Boota Perfume & Cologne ROVENA 313 MEN BODY SPRAY
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    Baba Boota Perfume & Cologne ROVENA BLUE
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    Baba Boota Uniflame Toomfode Natural Spray 55ml
    Uniflame Toomfode Natural Spray 55ml
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    Body spray for women is essential in today's fashion world that every woman needs. It provides an intense and long-lasting aroma that freshens your mood and leaves a great smell. It gives you a confident personality among people around you, enhances your personality in front of others, makes you feel fresh throughout the day, especially during summers when it is hard to maintain your body's coolness.

    Various online stores offer the best body spray for women in Pakistan. However, Bababoota provides the best online shopping experience and comprehensive product range.

    Buy Women's Fragrances and Body Spray Online In Pakistan:

    The best women body spray adorns your personality and helps you stay confident for longer. The body spray for women comes in attractive fragrances that uplift your mood and give you a freshness that lasts all day long. Whether it is someone's birthday or Eid, you are invited to any gathering, or there is some special occasion coming up in your family. Bababoota presents the best smelling body spray for ladies, and these types of body sprays smell good and lift the environment.

    Our online shop has reached local and international brands and their genuine products to present a big collection of women's fragrances and body sprays, so you can browse the website to explore the best fragrance for yourself. Our online store offers many benefits along with free delivery occasionally, discount offers, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

    Features Of a Body Spray For Women:

    Various Sizes:

    Body spraying is very popular among today's youth. Women are obsessed with smelling fresh all the time, so they opt for body sprays as they are said to have long-lasting fragrances. Body spray for women is available in various sizes ranging from 50 ml to 150 ml.

    Diverse Fragrances:

    There are various fragrances available online, including sandalwood, bergamot, geranium, fresh, musk, Amber, Rose, Jasmine, etc. The prices also vary depending on the size and fragrance of body spray for ladies in Pakistan.

    Eco Friendly:

    Nowadays, they come in environmentally friendly packaging. So, it is not harmful to the environment.

    No Chemicals:

    Bodysprays available in Pakistan are free of chemicals, and they do not cause any skin problems like rashes or irritations. Women prefer body sprays over perfumes to keep the body cool and fresh for longer hours.

    Healthy Alternative: 

    Some women claim to feel healthier and fresher after using body spray for women in Pakistan, as it allows the skin to be moisturized without blocking pores or spilling toxins onto the skin.

    Stainless Women Body Spray:

    Body spray for women does not leave a stain on the clothes, and the spray does not cause any damage to the fabric and can be easily washed off.

    Decreases Body Odor:

    Bodysprays have a pleasant smell covering bad odors from sweat and other body parts, and it also makes the skin feel healthy and moisturized.

    Natural Extracts:

    Natural extracts are used in women body spray, which allows the skin to be moisturized. It has ingredients like cucumber, aloe vera, etc. The price range varies depending on size and fragrance.

    Explore Bold Body Spray For Women With Price:

    There are countless body sprays for women available in the market. However, Bababoota is here to provide you with the best options to choose from on the page. Some of our top-selling body spray for women includes:

    Shalis Body Spray For Women:

    The pleasant smell of Shalis body spray lingers on for long hours and keeps you fresh throughout the day. It features top notes of floral and wood aromas, making it one of the best body sprays available in Pakistan. You can order Shalis Body Spray online at BabaBoota, and the price range is 450, and the Shalis perfume ranges from 1600 to 2000.

    Fogg Body Spray Buy Online:

    Fogg is another reasonable body spray for women and effectively keeps away all the unpleasant body odors. Women use these sprays after their daily activities. For example, if a woman has attended her morning exercise or yoga classes then at that time of time she uses it to keep herself from the bad smell. Fogg deodorant is available in various scent options, and the price ranges from PKR 400 to 700.

    Romance Body Spray Online:

    Romance body sprays are used by women after their evening bath and before going to bed. At that time, the skin absorbs, and facial skin pores get open, so it is necessary to use a good quality perfume or body spray. Romance deodorant spray protects from bad odor for at least 12 hours. In different scent options, the price of this deodorant spray is around PKR 450, but Romance perfume ranges from 1500 to 2000.

    She Body Spray For Women:

    She is a good brand for Pakistani ladies and girls because it has many varieties of fragrances. It also offers Fruity, flowery, and fresh scents to the customers, which are hard to find in other brands. These are one of the best ladies body spray in Pakistan ranges from PKR 350 to PKR 550.

    Fa Body Spray Order Online:

    Fa is one of the widely used brands and is a long-lasting body spray for ladies in Pakistan. Fa delivers a unique blend of natural extracts that help keep the skin fresh and cool. You can get Fa cucumber, orchid, exotic, and Hawaii fragrances. The price ranges from Rs. 450 to 500.

    Blue Lady Women Body Spray:

    Blue Lady is a body spray for women with a pleasant fragrance. It contains a special oil that keeps the skin moisturized and hydrated for a longer time. Blue lady is the best long-lasting body spray for ladies, unlike other perfumes, which evaporate quickly from your skin. The price ranges from Rs. 450 to 500.

    Secret Body Spray At Store:

    The secret comes with a unique, sporty fragrance that stays on the skin for long hours. It has vitamin E and aroma essence, which helps keep a woman's skin fresh and cool all day long. Secret also contains extracts of Aloe Vera and Cucumber, which is good for the skin. The price ranges from Rs 450 to 500. Don't you think it is the best body spray for ladies in Pakistan?

    Benefits Of Using Body Spray for Women:

    The following is the list of benefits women receive after getting their favorite body spray.

    • It shows the presence of women and even men in a better way. 
    • It is easy to carry and spray wherever you want without worrying about bottle breaking.
    • Women always look fresh and clean with a sweet smell from mists, Eau De Parfum, and body spray.
    • Body spray for women is an excellent alternative to expensive perfumes.
    • Body sprays provide a very high level of fragrance which provides freshness throughout the day.
    • It also helps to remove body sweat and bad odors and keeps your body cool and fresh.

    Would you like to get your favorite women's body spray? Visit our online Bababoota shop and add the body spray to your cart now!