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    10 products
    JBL M3 Mini Portable Speaker Master Copy - Baba Boota
    JBL M3 Mini Portable Speaker Master Copy - Baba Boota
    m3 mini Bluetooth speaker
    Sale price Rs.829.00 Regular price Rs.1,184.00 Save 30%
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    FASTER Wireless Speaker FS-11 - Baba Boota
    FASTER Wireless Speaker FS-11 - Baba Boota
    FASTER Wireless Speaker FS-11

    How often do you listen to music? Do you play music while studying or working from home? If so, it is high time that you should have a speaker. Speakers are essential accessories that can turn your musical life into a wonderful experience. Online speaker shopping in Pakistan is common, and many brands sell speakers in Pakistan at different price ranges, but the best speaker is that which comes with all the features you are looking for.

    Speakers are mostly used in PCs since laptops come with their own built-in speakers. They are responsible for high sound quality and a few with wireless features are responsible for great connectivity. There is a wide range of speakers available at Bababoota, each in a different price range and made by the top brands in the world. We evaluate speakers based on their volume quality and how well they produce surround sound.

    Features Of Speakers Available Online:

    • RGB backlighting: the speakers are available with RGB backlighting, making the environment look like a disco club.
    • MIC & FM function: it is available with mic and FM radio function, so you can easily use it as headphones for calling purposes.
    • Bass supported: these speakers are supported with bass, which will add to the sound quality and make it better than ever.
    • Gaming audio setup: the speakers are made with this feature, letting you enjoy playing games more efficiently.
    • Dynamic range: there is a dynamic range for theatrical effects, so mix vocals with soundtracks on big stages or dance floors and get that perfect musical experience.
    • Control buttons: it has a control button maximum power, and you can play the music at full peak.
    • Slim and compact design: the attractive design makes it slim and compact, and it will add to the look of your place.
    • Upgradable bass: if you like the sound quality, there is provision for upgradable bass, which makes the audio sounds better than ever.

    Types Of Speakers On Our Store:

    To get the best speaker in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Peshawar, order from us. You can check out our various types with crystal clear sound quality on the website with the perfect speaker price in Pakistan.

    Woofer speaker Online:

    The woofer speaker is among the more powerful speakers available at Bababoota; this bad boy comes with two drivers that output 2.1-channel sound, giving you a surround effect while watching movies or playing games on PC. The woofer speaker comes in a sturdy design, and its larger-than-average size gives it adequate power to a large room. The woofer speaker price in Pakistan ranges from RS 8000 to RS 25000.

    Stereo Speakers:

    Stereo speakers are ideal for your home. It comprises two speakers which are connected to the subwoofer. This type of speaker can provide excellent sound quality and high bass levels. It is perfect for watching movies or playing games on large screen TVs.

    Portable speaker At Our Store:

    The portable speaker is ideal for those who need speakers on the go. The speakers come with a wireless feature and can be connected to any device that supports Bluetooth connectivity. They are widely used by runners, joggers, or anyone who wants to listen to music while working out. Portable speaker price in Pakistan ranges from RS 950 to RS 4000.

    Bluetooth Speaker Online Pakistan:

    Bluetooth speaker online shopping in Pakistan is common as these are considered the most widespread of wireless technologies. Bluetooth has become more sophisticated over time, and there are now a large variety of devices that utilize it to transfer audio from one device to another. The mini Bluetooth speaker price in Pakistan ranges from RS 990 to RS 3000.

    Wireless Speaker:

    Now get rid of long wire control with wireless speakers, which is one of the newest technologies in the market when it comes to speakers. They connect to your device using infrared technology, and powerful microphones help you communicate from up to 15 meters away, which makes them perfect. The wireless speaker price in Pakistan ranges from RS 990 to RS 5000.

    Best Speaker In Pakistan At Bababoota:

    For you speaker online shopping Pakistan, Bababoota is a "One-Stop Online Shop" for all your home and office needs of speakers. At our store, you can buy the latest speakers with rich and clear sound quality that comprises all the top speaker brands in the world.

    You can choose from respected brands at our store that provides high-quality products such as Kardon, Audionic, Panasonic, Edifier, Logitech, Anker, Razer, Realme, and Space.

    Check out our small speaker price in Pakistan. Isn't it budget-friendly? We also offer discounts and free delivery occasionally. Additionally, all our products go through a strict quality check; you can be assured about getting your money's worth. Our variety of speakers suits different needs and come in various price ranges; choose the one that best suits your budget or requirements.