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CF2637 + 37SMCT200 Networked high-definition vibrating table, based on standard Smart H.264 technology, supports 1080P resolution, provides full-function interfaces and supporting solutions. Suitable for homes, offices, schools, shopping malls, and other occasions, low-speed high-definition high-definition network Douyin machine, can provide users with low-cost, low-cost IPC solutions, support ONVIF protocol standard, compatible with Hikvision, large-scale Huawei NVR equipment With Wi-Fi module -Fi, TF card slot, wireless and local recording functions, independent mobile phone support, real-time computer monitoring.

Product features:

  • Intelligent H.264 video encoding,ยถ 1080P resolution
  • Real-time completely smooth, only 500 Kbps.
  • Smart H.264 video encoding greatly reduces the storage space occupied by video recording
  • 1080P real-time video transmission, adaptive network, smooth operation up to 25/30fps
  • Echo noise reduction technology, perfect half-duplex voice effect
  • Provides intelligent P2P penetration technology, One-key remote control
  • Plug and play
  • Supports 180ยถรธ rotating screen; supports multi-user remote preview
  • Supports ONVIF2.4 standard protocol, compatible with mainstream NVR devices such as Hikivision and Dahua? Does Support cloud storage?
  • Support human figure tracking
  • Custom alarm function
  • Support face detection
  • Support face detection, face detection function? Will it happen soon?
  • Supports free switching of two different focal length lenses

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