Baba Boota FOGG Body Spray 120ml
Baba Boota Paradise FOGG Body Spray 120ml
Baba Boota Majestic FOGG Body Spray 120ml
Baba Boota Napoleon Red FOGG Body Spray 120ml

FOGG Body Spray 120ml

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This perfumed frame spray has an invigorating heady fragrance that envelops you in a pleasing odor for a protracted time.

Fragrance It has a heady fragrance that consists of the notes of the clean perfume own circle of relatives which maintains you lively all day.

Carry it for your bag and spray a bit on your self for smelling exact and stopping frame odour all day long.?ÿ

1000 Sprays Can be utilized by each?ÿmen and women, this frame spray bottle incorporates sufficient fragrance that lasts for a thousand sprays.