Baba Boota Kalmi kajoor KALMI KHAJOOR
Baba Boota Kalmi kajoor KALMI KHAJOOR


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  • Kalmi dates (khajur) is a rich dry fruit it's a variant of the black dates high in potassium and have a host of health benefits from increasing immunity to improving digestive health. They are packed with flavor and goodness 
  • Kalmi Khajoor (Kalmi dates) also known as safawi khajoor is a moist and soft type of khajoor from Saudi Arabia. It is mostly cultivated in the holy land of Madinah Munawarah. Kalmi Khajoor is dark brown in color and refreshingly sugary in taste. Safawi khajoor is enriched with minerals and other vitamins that help in strengthening the heart health and also improves bones. The dietary properties of this type of kajoor include magnesium, manganese, iron, zinc, vitamins, and many other things. Safawi Khajoor is also considered the best healthy meal replacement.