Baba Boota Hair Dryers Panasonic Fashion Hair Dryer
Baba Boota Hair Dryers Panasonic Fashion Hair Dryer
Baba Boota Hair Dryers Panasonic Fashion Hair Dryer

Panasonic Fashion Hair Dryer

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  • The electric fan rotates and blows air across the heating element. As the air passes through the heating element, the air is warmed and heated up. The hot air exits the dryer through a nozzle, to concentrate the air flow. When it reaches wet hair, it absorbs the moisture and dries the hair.
  • It functions well and seems to do a good job drying our hair without frying or damaging it. The hair dryer has three easy to use heat settings and a ƒ??cool shotƒ?� button. The cool shot button is nice as it allows you to turn down the heat.

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