Baba Boota Remax S18 Bluetooth Wireless Sports Earphones - Black
Baba Boota Remax S18 Bluetooth Wireless Sports Earphones - Black
Baba Boota Remax S18 Bluetooth Wireless Sports Earphones - Black

Shop In Pakistan Remax S18 Wireless Handfree With Wide Features (Black)

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  • Bluetooth 4.2 connection, wide compatibility and more stable signal
  • HD stereo sound offers you incredible sound experience with deep bass and crystal clear treble
  • Built-in microphone for hands-free phone calling
  • Built-in integrated magnets can put the earphone around the neck together when you not using the earbuds
  • Soft and ergonomic silicone earbud, comfortable to wear
  • Suitable for running, jogging and other outdoor activities
  • Battery capacity: 65mAh/3.7V
  • Frequency: 2.402-2.480GHz
  • Charging time: about 2 hours
  • Charging voltage: 5V/50mA
  • SNR: ?90dB


Is Remax S18 Wireless Handfree safe?

Yes, wireless handfree is safe. There are no harmful emissions from the devices themselves, and they don't interfere with other electronic devices. However, you should still take care to avoid using them while driving or operating machinery.

What are the benefits of Remax S18 Wireless Handfree?

There are following benefits of wireless handfree:

  • You can keep your hands free while talking on the phone, which is especially useful when you're driving or doing other activities where you need both hands.
  • Wireless handfree devices are generally more comfortable to wear than wired headsets, and they don't get tangled up in your hair or clothes.
  • They're also more convenient to use since you don't have to worry about carrying around an extra wire.

Is Remax S18 Wireless Handfree easy to use?

Yes, wireless handfree is easy to use. You just need to pair it with your phone and then you can start using it. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind when using wireless handfree.

  • First, you should make sure that the device is charged before using it. Otherwise, you might not be able to use it for a long time.
  • Second, you should avoid using the device in areas with a lot of interference, such as near microwave ovens or WiFi routers.
  • Third, you should keep the device away from water to prevent it from getting damaged.

How to you can choose Remax S18 Wireless Handfree?

When choosing a wireless handfree, you should consider the following factors:

  • You should choose a device with long battery life so that you don't have to charge it frequently.
  • Make sure that the device is compatible with your phone.
  • Choose a device with good sound quality so that you can hear the other person clearly.
  • Select a device that is easy to use so that you don't have any trouble using it.
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