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    13 products
    Baba Boota SPEED-X A9 1080p Hd 2MP Magnetic Wifi Mini Camera WITH V380 APP SPEED-X A9 1080p HD 2MP Magnetic Wifi Mini Camera WITH V380 APP
    SPEED-X A9 1080p HD 2MP Magnetic Wifi Mini Camera WITH V380 APP
    IP wireless camera WIFI 1080p with Battery S06 - Baba Boota
    IP wireless camera WIFI 1080p with Battery S06
    Baba Boota Hidden Mini WiFi Camera SQ13 Hidden Mini WiFi Camera SQ13
    Hidden Mini WiFi Camera SQ13
    WDR Dashcam 3 Camera Lens Video Car DVR Full HD 1080P - Baba Boota
    WDR Dashcam 3 Camera Lens Video Car DVR Full HD 1080P
    Baba Boota HD Digital Pen Camera HD Digital Pen Camera
    HD Digital Pen Camera

    Want to watch your home from anywhere you are? Get a security camera. Nowadays, the technology of security cameras has been improved so much that they can record video even in night mode and in low light situations. The best thing about these cameras is that it gives you the flexibility of monitoring your house and business premises no matter where you are. You can log in to your account and check the live recording status from anywhere around the globe.

    To get high-quality hidden security cameras in Pakistan, what's a better place than Bababoota? We offer a wide variety of security cameras with audio, video, sensor alarm, Wifi home security Wireless cameras, and without Wi-fi security cameras along with other fabulous features. So, you are going to get the top-notch brands under one roof.

    Extraordinary Features of Security Cameras

    Motion Sensor Alarm:

    These security cameras detect the motion detection sensor and send you a signal to view what's happening.

    Night Vision:

    The best night vision security camera can record video in low light conditions, and this feature is the best to be in the house security cameras.

    Waterproof Body:

    This security camera is designed in such a way that it resists water, fog, snow, and dust. So, you can easily install and use them and it claims to be the best outdoor wireless security cameras for your home.

    Multiple Lens Facility:

    With the help of a multiple lens facility, you can connect two security cameras to a mobile phone or one monitor. So, you can view both areas at the same time.


    Most security cameras are equipped with microphones that allow you to listen and talk through these devices from phones. Isn't it a perfect addition to your smart home project?

    Remotely Control DVR:

    With a DVR system for security cameras, you can operate your surveillance system from anywhere in the world. So, it works as a remote control.

    Supports SD Card:

    They also contain built-in memory storage that supports memory cards of up to 64 GB. So, you can save several recordings at one time.

    Wi-fi Facility:

    These types of security cameras have a WI-FI facility, which means you can connect it to your router and then directly view it without going outside. You can get this best budget security camera system online at our store, and even you can get the best security cameras without wifi from our store.

    Free Cloud Storage Facility:

    A Cloud security camera can save your recorded videos and photos remotely in Local storage and an Outdoor Camera provide cloud video storage.

    What is an IP Camera?

    Internet Protocol cameras, which are also called IP camera, give computerized video reconnaissance by sending and getting film over the web or neighborhood. Like their name proposes, IP cameras interface with an organization through Wi-Fi or a Power over Ethernet link. Due to this interface, they are also called wifi security cameras.

    All the more, as of late, decentralized IP cameras, maybe outfitted with megapixel sensors, support recording straightforwardly to arrange joined capacity gadgets or inside streak for totally independent activity.

    An organization surveillance camera is a computerized camera that can screen indoor and outside spaces for security purposes. They're otherwise called IP cameras. These cameras depend on an organization associated with communicating pictures and video through an Ethernet link association. While remote availability offers greater adaptability, Ethernet gives better video quality and further developed execution.

    Types Of Best Security Cameras in Pakistan:

    CCTV Security Cameras:

    CCTV camera security transmits a signal to a specific place over a limited number of monitors. There is no open signal transmission, though it may use (P2P), (P2MP), and wireless links. This security camera system is available at Bababotta, the world's leading retailer. This system does not require infrared lighting for security cameras as it can capture clear video in both light and darkness.

    4k Security Camera:

    The best 4k security camera system offers high-quality, crisp images four times clearer than standard HD, and it delivers images with outstanding clarity even in low light conditions. So, it proves to be the best commercial security camera at Bababoota.

    IP Cameras Buy Online:

    IP Cameras are designed to connect directly to a home network or over the internet via a router. They can support up to eight HD video streams and boast cloud storage facilities so you can view your recordings at any time with no need for pricey software or additional equipment. Isn't it the best inexpensive home security cameras?

    Wired & Wireless Security Cameras:

    The wired security cameras are connected to the surveillance system through wires. They can be easily hidden as they do not require any battery backup as they run on mains power, whereas wireless home security cameras need a separate power supply.

    Dome Security Cameras Online:

    Dome security cameras offer complete 360-degree security cameras 4 pieces surveillance, with no blind spots. They are available in both wired and wireless options at Bababoota online store. This type proved to be one of the best small business security cameras in Pakistan. Even these are also the perfect security cameras for cars.

    Doorbell Security Camera:

    Doorbell-type security cameras are the latest trend in the market as they are connected directly to your smartphones. They also include LED notification lights, so you don't miss any visitors. They are also the best facial recognition security cameras available at our store.

    Bullet Type Camera Buy Online:

    Bullet cameras are cylindrical in shape and are designed to provide a wide-angle view of an area. They can be mounted on ceilings or walls, depending on the requirement. We also deal with them with high quality but at a cheap security cameras rate as it is one of the best commercial outdoor security cameras in Pakistan.

    PTZ Security Cameras:

    PTZ stands for pan / tilt / zoom. This model can cover a large area, but they need an equally sophisticated surveillance system to support them. You can get it from Bababoota, the world's best retailing store for security cameras.

    Indoor Security Cameras:

    They are more popular as they are easier to install and can be hidden or made less noticeable. They are usually run off mains power, but some models have built-in batteries for use in the event of a power cut.

    Outdoor Security Cameras:

    These sorts of security cameras are the best choice to keep every moment under your control. They are weatherproof, durable, and can capture HD-quality images even in low light conditions.

    Security Cameras Price in Pakistan:

    Security Cameras in Lahore:

    Finding a home security camera system in Lahore is not an easy task. People living in this metropolitan city are always in search for better options to protect their homes, offices, and other properties. Security camera price in Lahore ranges from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 500,000 according to the features and qualities of this device. That's why our online retailing store presents the best long-range wireless security camera system at a reasonable price for your safety.

    Security Cameras in Karachi:

    In Karachi, security systems for homes with cameras have now become a necessity. Almost every home and office is equipped with these devices to keep an eye on their belongings and employees and employees alike. Security camera price in Karachi ranges from Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 10,000 according to the features and qualities of this device. The price of security cameras in Pakistan varies, so; it is a better option to order online from bababoota and save your money.

    Security Camera in Faisalabad:

    When it comes to the safety of your family and belongings, you cannot take any risk. Security cameras are the best way to ensure that everything is fine on both fronts. If you are looking for outside security cameras in Faisalabad, order online From our store. The price ranges from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000 according to the features and qualities of this device.

    Security Cameras in Multan:

    In Multan, people are aware of the importance of having a wireless security camera at their homes and offices. Security camera price in Multan ranges from Rs. 1500 to Rs. 20,000 according to its features and qualities. You have to visit our store for all kinds of security cameras and get affordable options.

    Security Cameras in Islamabad:

    In Islamabad, the security of homes is a major concern as many people have lost their lives or suffered injuries at the hands of criminals. Security cameras keep an eye on your family and secure our home from thieves and robbers. So, HD security cameras or motion lights with security cameras is a perfect option for you at our store, and you will get them within the RS 2000 to RS 5000 price range.

    How to Purchase Security Camera Online?

    Purchasing any gadget is a very difficult task when you are purchasing it online, of course, you need the best security cameras in Pakistan. You cannot rely on any unknown online shopping site. First of all purchase your product from a reliable online website. How do you know it’s reliable? Read the feedbacks of the customers, read the blogs in which a person mentions his/her experience.

    Now if we talk about the best home security cameras in Pakistan, there are so many reliable online shops from where you can purchase your security camera. But all those websites clash with the security camera price. However, the prices over these websites clashes because of the types of cameras and the name of the brand to which the security camera is associated. However, if your budget is low you can purchase a simple security camera which contains the basic features in it will be used long-lasting but the features won’t be according to the present technology.

    Baba Boota is a website from where you can purchase the best HD security camera 1080p. They provide the best quality and easy pocket for their customers. You can simply place your order for your gadget and protect your business with good quality safety gadgets because it’s a necessary gadget for your safety purpose and most of all a very helpful gadget.