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12 products
F50 Smart Watch Bluetooth Call Custom Dial Men Heart Rate Fitness Tracker - Baba Boota
F50 Smart Watch Bluetooth Call Custom Dial Men Heart Rate Fitness Tracker - Baba Boota
F50 Smart Watch Bluetooth Call Custom Dial Men Heart Rate Fitness Tracker
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Smart watch strap pin 22mm

Smart watches are quickly becoming more famous and ordinary, not more than our spending plan of every day adorning. These astute gadgets gradually substitute conventional simple looks for most watch wearers because of their wide-going utility and usefulness. However, with the appearance of smartwatches as yet being moderately later, many are left addressing whether one of these watches would help their everyday schedule. 

If you are contemplating getting some smart watches, you may have effectively seen the immense measure of choices accessible out there – each altogether different from one another. For example, do you go with a significant brand, or do you pick by usefulness? To make it simple for you, here are a couple of things that you ought to know about before purchasing a smartwatch, as everything isn't what it appears.


You would prefer not to be running out of battery before the day's end, so this is an enormous thought. Bunches of smart watches have a tiny battery limit. However, if you pay attention to music and following your wellness, you should ensure a good size battery. A 350mAh battery will allow you 168 hours on Bluetooth association reserve and 3 hours in talk time.


A smartwatch may have all of the coolest provisions, yet assuming it appears as though something you would prefer to keep stowed away, it actually will not do. Nevertheless, there are some gorgeous designs out there, contingent upon what style you need.

Smart watches for men are primarily available in black and brown colours. Teenage boys refer to the cool colours for their gadgets such as smartwatches, mobile phones, and gadget accessories. Presently, this is regularly all that matters – how well does it look on your wrist.

Smart watches for women are mainly designed with some pretty light colours as women are famous for being choosy in every decision taking matter. So the companies always wants to give their best to satisfy the need of women by presenting the most beautiful and unique designs.

Smart watches for girls are preferred to be designed in a mixture of dark light shades of some fabulous summer colours. It is because teenage girls are always running faster in the race of society fashion and always want to purchase the best quality and the most beautiful design. So there is always an update with some new attractive designs for the girls and boys.

Smart watches for kids are designed mostly by proffering any cartoon. Every kid is always busy loving the cartoon characters. They love having something related to their favorite cartoon, so most of the gadgets for kids are designed according to the famous ongoing cartoons. Smart watches for boys are also available in some dark shades of various colours. However, all smartwatches are available in multiple styles. As its effortless now to purchase any product, you can buy your favorite style smart watches online in Pakistan

Connectivity with Phone

Ensure that the smartwatch you need is viable with your telephone. Some smart watches are either for iPhones or Android phones, which is irritating assuming you need to get another phone in a half year. However, loads of smartwatches that sync with the two sorts of cell phones, so these are a superior thought.

Essentially, all smartwatches will synchronize with your telephone, yet this is done over Bluetooth, implying your cell phone must be inside an exceptionally close distance. You can't, for instance, play music from your cell phone through Bluetooth while you are at the rec center and your telephone is in storage.

Some watches sync with your cell phone but at the same time are independent telephones so that you can embed your SIM card inside. Smart watches imply you can leave your costly cell phone at home while you head out to have a great time, and you can, in any case, settle on decisions, get instant messages and even peruse the web.

Smartwatches with SIM cards are likewise extraordinary for going as you don't need to convey your cell phone with you, yet you can, in any case, have the accommodation of having a telephone lashed to your wrist.


So you may have found the smartwatch you need, yet some are gigantically costly, and frequently you are paying for the name instead of a fair spec which leaves you contemplating whether it genuinely is the best arrangement. However, new smart watch price in Pakistan varies from brand to brand. So before searching for smart watches, consider the amount you need to spend as there are numerous acceptable alternatives accessible external the notable brands.

You can, in any case, get heaps of extraordinary capacities (significantly better) and save money. After weighing up every one of the advantages and disadvantages, we love this smartwatch as it has a decent battery life, fair stockpiling. It looks astonishing, it's accessible in heaps of styles, and it finishes many wellness trackers out there; best of all, it's effectively reasonable. So that's how you decide to buy your smart watches, and easily get an affordable smart watch price in Pakistan knowing your budget.

The most vital capacity of most smart watches is that they can associate with a cell phone to show any telephone, message, or online media warnings straight onto the wearer's wrist. Thus, smart watches offer the wearer the capacity to respond to messages and settle on telephone decisions, disposing of the need to eliminate their telephone from their pack or pocket. The waterproof smart watch price in Pakistan is expensive as compared to the other types of smartwatches.

It likewise implies that warnings and messages can be perused tactfully so that the wearer will show up more occupied with discussion. Finally, critical messages and calls can be reacted to quickly, without the danger of missing them. This element is available on most smart watches and can keep the wearer associated without being stuck to a telephone. There is a massive variety of online stores from where you can purchase smart watches online in Pakistan.


An active person would love the fitness feature in a smartwatch; gents and ladies smart watch price in Pakistan slightly differ because of the designs. Wellness watches have been accessible for a genuinely significant time frame. However, a large number of them don't have any extra functionalities. Most wellness watches are reason to follow a particular game like running or cycling, thus they can't be utilized for various exercises. The presentation of wellness following into smartwatches evades these issues.

Men always search such smart watches for men which hold such features in it. Likewise, they mostly prefer Apple watches because of high quality and the amazing functioning of the gadget. They are likewise fit for following conventional wellness exercises, such as running and cycling, with an inconceivably profound level of exactness. Moreover, as the smartwatch is worn on the wrist, many can use screen pulse for the span of the activity to monitor individual wellbeing measurements all through a wellness venture.

All smart watch price in Pakistan is mostly high because of its feature such as the wellness highlight on most smartwatches can follow a colossal assortment of sports, from paddling and swimming and yoga classes.


In present-day life, many individuals depend on GPS and route applications to assist them with discovering their direction around new spots. It can once in a while feel off-kilter to wave a telephone around trying to find an area. However, smartwatches can offer similar GPS ability as a cell phone on a much more modest and more unpretentious scale.

Smartwatches with GPS ability can utilize this component to help with wellness follow. It follows running, cycling, and comparative exercises by logging courses and rates to help the wearer move and improve. Girls must prefer such smart watches for girls which holds a good and efficient working over navigation and they can use it for a safety purpose anytime anywhere if they can’t find a way out and they are stuck in any big problem.

Easy Life

Life seems a little easy with a smart watch. Many gadgets features are wrapped in a smart watch and of course, it is always easy to wear on your wrist. However, the best smart watches in Pakistan prices vary from high to low and low to high. It all depends on the quality. Make sure all these above features are cleared in a smart watch that you are going to purchase and with all these best features the best smart watch price in Pakistan is available on some few online stores; such as Baba Boota.